Enervit Performance Bar

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Enervit Power Sport is an energy bar useful in the event of intense muscular effort in sports.

Two half portions - 30g x 2 (60g) of Enervit Power Sport gives:

  • A Reduced fat content (reduction of at least 30% compared to the average of the best-selling sports and outdoor bars)
  • A source of proteins (19%), which contribute to muscle maintenance
  • A source of magnesium that contributes to fatigue and tiredness reduction, and to the normal metabolism and to the electrolyte balance.
  • A source of potassium that contributes to the normal muscle function.
  • A source of vitamin C to help to protect cells from oxidation stress.
  • Specification
    • Key Ingredients: Carbohydrates, Proteins
    • Product type: Bars
    • Sport: Cycling, Triathlon, Cross country skiing, Ironman
    • Consuming time: During Sport