Defeet Wooleator Sock

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The Defeet Wooleater is a classic winter and cold weather activity sock. Use it for cycling, hiking or running, the Wooleator has been the go-to sock for cyclists for over a decade.

The Wooleator provides the perfect balance between wool and performance, not too thick so that your feet get squashed in your shoes and not to thin that the bumps and stones on an offroad course dig in either. The Defeet Wooleator is made in America from 61% merino wool, 37% nylon and 2% spandex, a golden ratio, the spandex holds the sock inplace, the nylon helps is wrap around your feet nicely and the merino wicks sweat, keeps in the warmth and has anti-stink properties.

  • Durable warm merino sock
  • 61% merino
  • Made in America
  • 6 inch cuff