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DeFeet DuraGlove Gloves

Duragloves are made for aerobic sports like cycling and running. Like all DeFeet products, their usefulness comes from what they are not as much as from what they are. Duragloves™ are not made to climb Mt. Everest. They are made to climb mountains at a hard pace, descend the other side, and do it over and over until your ride is done. Thin enough to ride at your maximum effort and still give you dexterity to fiddle around in your jersey for food. Thick enough to keep frostbite off your fingers at 50mph down alps still laden with snow. Made in both CoolMax® EcoMade™ and Merino Wool versions. Destined to become a staple in your cycling and multi-sport wardrobe.

  • 40% CoolMax  Eco Made, 40% Cordura Nylon 20% Lycra