Datatag 2 Stealth Security Identification System for Bicycles

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£21.99 £24.99

Datatag for cycles offers a multi-layer approach to identification that makes life difficult for even professional thieves!

The kit is simple to fit and includes both visible and stealth identifiers including Datatag's stealth UV etch technology to overtly and covertly mark your cycle.

Bike theft is a well known problem and many owners think that just by registering their bike on a database theft will miraculously stop. But the truth is that registration without the right identification system just doesn't work.

  • All new datatag protection
  • Police preferred Crime Prevention Product
  • Ideal for all cycle frames, ( except bare metal frames that have not been painted, lacquered or powder coated.)
  • A lifetime's protection for just one low cost with NO monthly charges or fees.