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Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II Tubular Tyre

Continental Grand Prix 4000 SR Tubular Tyre

Road Racing tubular, modelled on the famous GP4000s II clincher tyre. The Grand Prix 4000 S II tubular is a seamless tubular which scores on easy fitting and speed. This like for like tubular version of Continental's famous GP4000 S II clincher tyre, features the same benefits of the Grand Prix 4000 S II, namely an unrivalled collective of speed, reliability, long life and great handling. The BlackChili tread compound takes care of many of the above characteristics, coupled with a supple 240 tpi casing and of course a Vectran puncture protection breaker which states the high ambitions of this racing tubular. What will you fit to your carbon road wheels?

  • Handmade in Germany!
  • Road racing tubular version of the prestigious GP4000 race clincher
  • Seamless design improves rim seating and rolling
  • Hi tech Black Chili compound Vectran protection