Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tubeless Tyre

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A successor to the legendary GP4000 tyre the Continental GP5000 is a tubeless tyre for all-round use. The tyre uses an airtight liner, a shaped bead which uses a softer rubber to make fitting easier and has a coarser, 180 tpi 3 ply casing as opposed to the clincher version’s 330 tpi.

The GP5000 uses an updated version of Continental's Black Chilli compound, which strikes a perfect balance between rolling resistance and grip. The shoulder tread of the tyre is given a treatment that Continental call Lazer Grip. This process sees the tread areas passed over with a powerful laser, roughing up the surface of the tyre to improve grip when cornering.

The carcass of the tyre features a 180-tpi 3 ply construction to increase overall stiffness and improve stability when cornering, Continental have added an elastomeric layer that Continental has dubbed Active Comfort, to improve vibration damping and improve comfort without affecting speed.

As with all of Continental’s high-end tyres, the new GP 5000 is handmade in Germany.

  • Available in 25, 28 and 32mm widths for 700c
  • Handmade in Germany
  • 300g for tubeless 25mm tyre
  • 180tpi 3 ply construction with additional airtight liner
  • Claimed to have 5 percent less rolling resistance compared to clincher version