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Condor Classico Pista 2015 Sale Frameset

The Classico is constructed using modern materials and traditional techniques for a timeless design. Investment-cast lugs are painstakingly engraved at the bottom bracket and fork crown for added detail that harks back to the golden age of cycling. Our Classico Pista features cast dropouts for a secure grip and bite between track nuts. Image shows example of colour and lugwork.

  • Frame: Dedacciai SAT 14.5 steel tubing, heat treated for tensile strength
  • Fork: Condor 1" threaded steel fork
  • Investment-cast dropouts, engraved lug work and fork crown
  • Frame weight: 1700g (55cm, painted)
  • Fork weight: 700g
  • Bottom bracket: BSA
  • Seat tube (internal): 27.2mm
  • Seat tube (external): 28.6mm
  • Front derailleur attachment: band-on
  • Headset: 1" threaded