Condor 70th Anniversary Enamel Pin Badge Set


Our handmade 70th Anniversary Enamel Pin Badge Set celebrates 70 years of Condor in four badges.

The badges in the set are: Monty's service van, a vehicle he took to local races to support riders; a 1960s Condor rider wearing the purple jersey of our first team, Condor Mackeson; the Condor head badge, the same metal badge we've placed on our frames since 1948; and the Condor 70th Anniversary insignia, created for our special anniversary year.

The pin badges use a rubber clasp and are between 20-25mm in length/width. The badges will be at home on any lapel, bag, musette or jersey. Celebrate 70 years of Condor with us.

  • Made from enamel
  • Nickel plated metal
  • Each badge measures 20mm-25mm