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Campagnolo Vento Asymmetric G3 Wheelset

The redesigned VENTO ASYMMETRIC takes the same qualities that have made the VENTO wheel so popular in the past and takes this wheelset to the next level. The new spoke design in addition to the asymmetric rear rim profile offers notable performance increases in terms of both increased lateral and torsional rigidity as well as increased reactivity. Its new design allows for more homogenous spoke tensions and makes for a sturdier, higher performing wheelset. The rim profile was not only made asymmetric but also differentiated between front and rear wheel to maximize efficiency.

  • Differentiated rim height: 24 mm at the front to provide optimal handling; 27,5 mm at the rear for transmitting all your power to the wheel
  • New asymmetric rim profile: asymmetrical rear rim profile allows for better balancing of spoke tensions between drive and non drive side, giving better symetry to an asymmetric component
  • Dynamic Balance: every point of the rim is counter-balanced by an equal weight on the opposite side
  • Maximum stability of the wheel even at high speeds
  • Exclusive Mega-G3TM spoke pattern: perfect balance of the spoke tensions on both sides of the wheel
  • Steel spokes with variable thickness: maximum aerodynamic penetration and stability at high speeds
  • Oversized flange: increases the torsional stiffness, increasing reactivity at each change of pace of the cyclist
  • Aluminium axle: reduces the weight of the wheel
  • Aluminium hub body: provides a high degree of lateral stiffness