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Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 Disc Wheelset

Campagnolo innovated the factory built wheel system with the Shamal over 20 years ago. It has a notable race history and is still a race-ready aluminium wheelset with carbon hub.

The new Shamal Ultra Disc wheelset has been completely adapted for disc braking. The rim is 22mm wide, using Campy’s C17 standard, and works ideally with 25mm and 28mm tyres for the same reasons as the Bora. It has a two-way fit undrilled rim bed, so it’s tubeless-ready, and needing only a valve this gives greater structural integrity with a subsequent performance increase.The rims have differentiated rim heights too 30mm rear, 27mm front, and toroidal milling removes excess material between the spoke holes.

Shamal Mega G3 carbon hubsNew Shamal Mega G3 hubs have a carbon shell at the front, made possible by the wider stance of the aluminium spokes, and alloy hub flanges. The rear hub is a solid, one-piece aluminium structure designed to cope with the high opposing torque loadss. The wheelset has USB ceramic bearings and comes with 12mm thru-axle fittings with other adaptors sold separately. The Shamal Ultra DB is intended to match Record-level in terms of quality, but will of course work across the board.

  • Disc specific wheelset
  • 2-way fit profile: allows you to use either the classic clincher or the innovative tubeless tire.
  • Self locking spoke nipples
  • Differentiated rim height: front 24-27mm and rear 27-30mm
  • Mega G3 spoke pattern
  • Aluminium aero spokes
  • Carbon fibre hub body
  • Aluminium axle profile low weight and high stiffness