Campagnolo Scirocco C17 Disc Thru-Axle Wheelset

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The new Campagnolo Scirocco C17 Disc Wheelset is firmly planted in road riding. Featuring an increased 17mm internal rim width the Campagnolo Scirocco C17 Road Wheelset rides efficiently with greater aerodynamics on 25 & 28mm tyres.

The Campagnolo Scirocco C17 Road Wheelset features a 17mm internal rim width which creates a more efficient tyre/rim interface, which results in not only improved handling and comfort but also allows for a more efficient tyre shape. The wider profile allows the tyre to take a straighter, less bulbous shape and in turn leave a more uniform surface for airflow with a less discontinuous area between tyre and rim to create turbulence.

  • Mega G3 oversize flange
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Spoke support tabs for durability
  • Rim Height: 35mm
  • Rim Width: 17mm
  • Spoke count: 16 radial (front) & 24 (rear)
  • 12mm thru-axle
  • AFS disc mount / centrelock
  • Weight: 1755g
  • Disc specific