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Campagnolo Chorus Brakes - 2001

In 2001, Campagnolo updated their Chorus groupset and introduced trickle down technology from their Record model. The Chorus brake for 2001, weighed 40g less than previous versions. Both the front branke and rear use the same geometries and drog-forgings of the Record braking system, which Campagnolo said in their 2001 catalogue "gained major performance benefits". The difference between Chorus and Record was the the Chorus brake used small steel parts rather than titanium.

In their 2001 catalogue, Campagnolo were proud to claim, "These are not just the best brakes on the market from a technical point of view, but, thanks to drop-forgings with hide-away pivots, they are also the most attractive."

  • Pair of dual pivot brakes
  • Brake new stock, in original packaging
  • Weight: 380g
  • Orbital adjustment
  • Height: 39-50mm