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Campagnolo Bora Ultra Two Tubular Wheelset

For a race against time... Bora Ultra Two is the must-have for specialised professional use and those looking for that extra competitive edge. These wheels have been conceived for those looking for the maximum aerodynamic performance. Critical in this context is the imposing 50mm rim with a wing profile calculated on the basis of the dictates of fluid physics. High performance is also obtained from the hubs, made of structural carbon fibre with variable sections and spherical surfaces with Record class mechanics. Plus, our exclusive CULT technology is taking the extraordinary performance of Bora another step higher. The dynamic balance that stabilises Bora Ultra Two wheels at high speed is now provided by the newly designed distribution of carbon fibre on the side opposite the valve instead of oversized spokes. This results in better aerodynamic penetration, less weight and improved aesthetics.

  • Front wheel weight: 565 g
  • Rear wheel weight: 745 g
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Carbon hub bodies
  • Nut-plate system with ball coupling
  • Variable section stainless steel aero spokes
  • Self-locking nuts
  • Differentiated spokes
  • Aluminium right-hand rear flange
  • Oversize light-alloy axles
  • Ultralinear geometry
  • Special brake pads
  • Rear hub with oversize right-hand flange
  • Locking with light-alloy lever housing and Symmetric Action light-alloy lever
  • Monolithic FW body
  • New quick-releases
  • Milled rim