Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ2 Eyc N plus LED Headlight

Not Enough Available

Hard to believe that this tiny light can be so bright. The IQ2-Optics of this light, combined with a high power LED, provide a respectable 50 lux output with an impressively even beam on the roadway. Very good close range light is the icing on the cake. A clip on front reflector is also included. At only 70 g light Busch + Muller achieved to decrease in volume of over 60 % when compared to the previously smallest LUMOTEC (Cyo)

  • One of the smallest approved LED headlights for dynamo operation
  • With IQ2 lighting technology
  • Homogeneous illumination of the road surface, with close-range illumination
  • For hub dynamo (push button off/sensor)