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Brooks Union Jack Swallow Saddle

Brooks has proudly manufactured leather goods in the West Midlands of England through nearly 150 consecutive years and a great many historical events. One of them is the Olympiad, and in 2012 one comes to visit London for the third time in history. To mark this special occasion, Brooks have created the Union Jack Swallow Saddles. A Tricolour issue of the legendary B15 saddle, the original precursor to the modern racing saddle, which was first patented by brooks in 1937.

  • 500 pieces of Red, White and Blue B15 Swallow saddles were made
  • Delivered in a special Union Jack package, while the White saddle will have a unique St. Georges flag box
  • The saddle bears the original patent declaration beneath the svelte leather upper
  • The timeless design of the Swallow remains virtually unchanged today
  • Chrome rails
  • Made in England