ASSOS Winter Bootie S7


The ASSOS Winter Bootie provides a warm, snug and low-volume fit. The toe and heel feature extra reinforcement against abrasion and the reflective zippers are placed slightly asymmetrically to ensure increased comfort and water protection. Assos have employed the strataGon fabric for its enhanced waterproofing and breathability. It handles nasty weather well and ultimately leaves your foot more comfortable over a long duration. This new fabric's success hinges on Assos' new flexible membrane. The membrane closes down its microscopic pores when cold and opens them up when warm. Not only is the material more waterproof on its own, but thanks to the new panel design, it's increasingly difficult for water to seep in through the seams. The Winter Bootie is designed to fit snug around your shoe. While it might require a bit more effort to pull them on, they seal perfectly around your shoe once in place. The toes, cleat areas, and heels have been reinforced with an external layer of durable nylon swatches. The zipper is waterproof with a locking lever and a reflective stripe running the length of the zipper.

  • Closure: ankle support cuff
  • Recommended Use: winter road cycling
  • Suitable for 0 - 8 degrees Celsius