Assos iJ.Habu.5 Early Winter Jacket

£188.00 £235.00

The iJ.haBu5 is the first ASSOS Campionissimo insulator jacket, developed for climaRange5 - early Winter conditions. The critical design detail that gives the IJ Habu Jacket the potential to keep you warm into seriously chilly weather is the Stratagone windproof material that Assos place across the front, down the arms, and over the shoulders.The rest of the jacket is made with Roubaix Q fabric which is warm and fuzzy and a lighter weight version of their typical Roubaix material. The difference is the waffle pattern of its fleecy backside. This reduces the weight of the fabric and increases its compressibility without affecting the insulative qualities.The Stratagone windproof material has a generous four-way stretch to accommodate your layers. On the inside, it has a light mesh to facilitate moisture movement so you stay as dry as possible. In high wear areas, like over the spine and inside the windproof collar, Assos laminates another lightweight mesh to protect the base materials from abrasion and in the case of the collar, to keep you comfortable.On the back, you will find three standard sized pockets, the outer two of which have secure zippers. The jacket also has reflective elements along each zipper on the back and up the front of the jacket.

  • Designed to be worn as a second layer
  • Suitable for Autumn and early Winter