Assos iJ.Habu.5 Early Winter Jacket

£180.00 £240.00

The iJ.haBu5 profBlack winter riding jacket is a real monument in the ASSOS apparel range. It’s a testament to ingenuity and a symbol of enduring quality.

The first ASSOS Campionissimo insulator jacket. Yes, we’re very proud of this one. As one would expect of such an advanced cycling jacket, it strategically employs an array of our custom textiles. Of particular note is the stratagonLight material used on the front-facing parts.

A tremendous long-sleeve cycling top, it offers effective protection from wind and rain, plus high abrasion resistance, great stretch and comfort - and, crucially, it’s very very light. Indeed, the volume of the iJ.haBu5 / iJ.haBu.5 LTD jacket as a whole is sufficiently scant that it can even squeeze into a jersey pocket.

That’s if you ever need to take it off, but its breathability is such that is proven to work well right up to 15 degrees C. The ASSOS profBlack design offers a classic less-is-more aesthetic, mischievously nodding to professionals who might want to ride incognito.

A perfect choice whether you want to display your good taste or keep it between you and your bike.

  • A body mapped performance fit that is a little less aggressive
  • Wearability and speed converging. stratagonLight: Windproof, water-resistant and breathable material
  • A lighter weight RX fabric variant used in key areas requiring great breathability
  • Internal 3D air channels make it a perfect low volume insulator and temperature regulator
  • Sleeves that are integrated all the way into the shirt rather than just attaching at the shoulder
  • Standard pockets with twin integrated security pockets
  • Thoroughly tested storage design with added peace-of-mind zipped pockets for valuables
  • Essential arm pocket: Extra storage located on right upper arm. Useful alternative location if dexterity is compromised by winter gloves
  • A 2-way stretch material with minimal give in the vertical axis. The ASSOS rear stabilizer panel design allows for stable, high capacity pockets that won’t sag
  • Suitable for Autumn and early Winter