ASSOS Habu Sock Evo 7


The Assos Habu Sock EVO7 is built to handle the cool temperatures of late autumn, temperate winter, and early spring. Merino wool provides the insulation, while polyamide inserts target specific areas to keep you dry. Merino wool naturally resists both odors and bacteria, the Habu Sock EVO7 has also been given additional treatments to enhance these qualities. Additionally the sock has textured areas of compressive material to provide support and promote blood circulation.

  • Perfect for late autumn days
  • Climarange: Early Winter
  • Use in combination with Toe Cover or Booties when you need better protection from cold and damp
  • Merino wool to keep your feet warm and protect from moisture
  • Polyamide inserts to keep your feet dry
  • Antibacterial and anti-odor treatment to help prevent unpleasant odours and ensure long-lasting product life
  • Texture compression to promote blood circulation