ASSOS Fugu Winter Bootie S7


The ASSOS Fugu Winter Bootie is part of Assos' climaRange 7. Assos calls this range winterPlus, with an optimal protection range at temperatures around 6 - 10 degrees Celsius. For ease of use, Assos have incorporated a zipper at the rear of the bootie, this zipper is waterproof and is placed slightly asymmetrically towards the outside, to ensure increased comfort and water protection.. The toe and heel feature extra reinforcement against abrasion All the s7 booties feature custom-made, water-repellant airBlock strataGon fabric, calibrated to best suit its climaRange purpose.All the s7 booties are built with low volume and light weight in mind, providing a snug, racing cut fit

  • Closure: ankle support cuff
  • Recommended Use: winter road cycling