Alf Engers aka "The King" - DVD Video


A nostalgic film about time-trial rebel and ace, Alf Engers AKA The King. Determined, mercurial, controversial and above all, brilliant, Engers' domination of short distance racing in the 1970s was unprecedented. He won five straight national 25 mile championships and held the competition record throughout the decade. But his ambition reached even higher: he wanted to achieve something unique, and he spent ten years of his life chasing the dream of the 30mph time-trial, a dream that became reality in 1978: the 25 mile record in under 50 mins, a record that stood for 12 years. With rare film footage of the time, extended interviews with Engers today, and contributions from his colleagues and rivals, this film gives us an intimate portrait of a rebel of his day, showing a rider with panache, style and innovation and of a vanished era in the sport of time-trialling.

  • Format: DVD
  • Region: 2 (Europe)
  • Includes 40 mins of Bonus Features
  • Running time: 115 minutes