Test a Saddle with Condor

They always say build a good base in the winter, go fast in the summer. Long and steady rides meandering through lanes, to burn those extra party season calories.

Some may need more persuasion to sit and spin in the saddle, so take a look at blogger Damien Breem's two excellent Winter riding essays for some inspiration. Perhaps our test saddle scheme will get you stirring from your armchair?

The saddle is a vital contact point between you and the bike. A perch that suits you and is comfortable is a necessity, there is no getting around that. A good summer of riding may have told you that you have found the perfect match but for others they need a tweak, even a good saddle will be a little frayed around the edges.

When the frosts start to appear, do you dig out a trusted winter trainer? Is it time that vital contact point had some TLC?

Condor invites you to find the saddle that will be right for your winter miles with our Test Saddle Scheme.


How it works

1. Choose a saddle. We'll help you pick one that we think will work for you.

2. Pay for the saddle. This is fully refundable if it doesn't work out.

3. We'll fit the saddle for you. If you bring you bike into the store, we can fit the saddle for you and ensure the position is spot on.

4. Try it for two weeks. If it's right for you, we'll switch it for a brand new one. If it's not, we'll listen to your feedback and invite you to try another, or give you a full refund.


Saddles in the test fleet


Brooks Cambium C13
Brooks Cambium C15
Brooks Cambium C15 Carved
Brooks Cambium C15 All Weather
Brooks Cambium C17
Brooks Cambium C17-S
Brooks Cambium C17 Carved
Brooks Cambium C17 All Weather
Brooks Cambium C19 All Weather


Fizik Aliante VS-X
Fizik Arione VS-X
Fizik Antares VS-X
Fizik Volta R3
Fizik Aliante R3
Fizik Aliante R3 K:ium
Fizik Arione R3 K:ium
Fizik Antares R3 K:ium
Fizik Luce
Fizik Aliante R3 Open
Fizik Arione R3 Open
Fizik Antares R3 Open
Fizik Aliante VS Evo
Fizik Antares VS Evo
Fizik Vesta K:ium
Fizik Aliante Gamma
Fizik Vesta Manganese
Fizik Vesta K:ium
Fizik Antares VS

Selle Italia

Selle Italia Lady Flow
Selle Italia SLR TT
Selle Italia Flite 1990


Specialized Romin Expert Gel
Specialized Romin Evo Expert Gel
Specialized Power Expert
Specialized Avatar Comp Gel