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The new Leggero and Leggero SL

 Kamm-tail tube and seat post

improved aerodynamic flow, saving precious rider watts

“Aero drag is 80-90% of the overall resistance affecting a rider on flatter roads and routes", explains JLT Condor pro rider, Ed Clancy. "In a 4km pursuit, 2% of power is spent overcoming drivetrain friction, 5% rolling resistance, 7% kinetic energy (change in acceleration), and 86% aerodynamic drag. That’s on a flat, windless velodrome, with high acceleration at the standing start. Imagine the effect of drag on the bike and rider outside."




Born in Basel in 1893, Kamm was an aerodynamicist, engineer and designer. He is best known for his research into drag and his breakthrough in reducing car turbulence at high speeds. The shape he created has come to be known as the Kamm-tail.




Utilising aerodynamic principles, key tubes of the Leggero have been remodelled to reduce drag and put every watt a rider can create towards demolishing the competition. The Kamm-tail tube and seat post creates an improved aerodynamic flow, saving precious rider watts. The trailing edge of a tear-drop shape is sliced off at an optimal point, leaving a profile as aerodynamic as a tear-drop but with a weight saving from removing excess material. The deeper and flatter rear stays allow a smoother flow of turbulent air around the rear of the bike compared with round stays.

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 Built for the climb

weight is the more important factor than drag



Weighing in at just under 850g per frame (55cm), the Leggero SL "super-light" is the lightest frame in the Condor range. The frame is constructed from the same carbon fibre as the new Leggero and bonded with nano resins. We adjust where and how we use each type of fibre to create a superbly light frame.

The tube shapes of the SL are different to that of the new aero-focused Leggero. The thinner rear stays and a round seat tube are optimised for low weight. The higher modulus material when paired with elongated nano resins has an increased fibre-to-resin ratio, which allows us to design frames using thin-walled tubing without sacrificing strength.

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