Frameset Technologies

Frame geometry types

All day rideAll day ride geometry

Designed to offer comfort without sacrificing speed. A slightly more upright rider position and longer wheelbase (than race geometry frames) offers excellent vibration damping, proven to reduce fatigue. A shorter top tube and taller head tube places less strain on a rider's back and neck. Negative vibrations are absorbed by the frame before they reach your body, allowing you to ride, ride, and ride some more.

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Race RideRace geometry

Aggressive positioning gets you low and aero. Balancing stiffness, strength and crisp handling, these bikes are designed for those who want to push their performance, react quicker and go faster.

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Frameset features

Custom-PaintCustom paint

Choose the livery you've always dreamed of. Personalise your frame with a custom colour and choose from a rich array of decal options.
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Curved seat stays

Custom drawn and shaped tube sections used at the seat stays create a responsive frame that absorbs the road minimises rider fatigue on long rides whilst maintaining ride quality.

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BB30Oversized bottom bracket

Oversized bottom bracket shell allows an increase in axle length and bearing size which translates into more efficient power transfer and extended bearing life.
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Hand-Cut & Wrapped Hand cut & wrapped

Custom selected tubes are cut by our Italian frame builders, who then proceed to wrap layers of carbon at strategic points, creating the frameset.

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Internal Cable Routing Internal cables

Creates a sleek frame profile, reduces wind drag, and prevents contaminants from entering and interfering with the function of brake or gear cables.

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Mudguard Ready Mudguard ready

Equip these bikes for any weather and any amount of gear, thanks to clearance for full mudguards and rack compatibility. 

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Tapered Head Tube Tapered head tube

Using 1 inch upper bearings and 1-½ inch lower bearings creates a head tube wider at the base. A tapered head tube significantly improves front end stiffness, performance under braking, and handling precision.

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Team Tested Team tested

Our pro team, Rapha Condor JLT, provides valuable feedback by putting our products through their paces. A product that is used or developed with the team will show this roundel.

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Frame materials

Specially chosen chemical composites

The presence of carbon, molybdenum and vanadium creates stiffness in the frame for the performance rider.

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Heat-treatment is a time consuming process. It is applied to all steel and aluminium tubing. Heat treating the tubing raises the yield strength for the entire tube, increasing dent and impact resistance, this allows the walls of the tubing to be made thinner and reduce the weight of tubing but ensure it is still as strong.

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Nano technology carbon fibre

This is our most sophisticated carbon fibre. Most carbon bicycle frames use a standard epoxy resin to bind together individual fibres. Construction using nano particles requires less resin, resulting in an overall frame weight reduction. Since nano resins microscopic particles are elongated instead of round, the bond between resin and fibre is stronger due to the increase in surface area the nano particles have with the carbon fibre.
The nano resins also help with the dispersal of vibrations through the frame. If you make something very light then you have to use very stiff materials but that can be very uncomfortable to ride, so harsh that it is not possible to ride it for a sustained period of time.
The nano resins at the joins help with decreasing the forces through the frame and into the rider's arms and shoulders that will cause the feeling of fatigue.

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Triple Butted Triple-butted 

The process of butting makes the tubing stronger at the ends where the stresses are greatest and light in the long middle section. Triple butting is a time consuming process, with the end result being lightweight tubing with superior feel and ride qualities.

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