"I've raced cyclocross all my life."

Paul Sheers has some thirty plus years of cyclo-cross riding to his name.


When he graduated into the vet. category in 2016, he decided to up his race game.
Starting with a matching pair of cyclo-cross bikes.

Discover the Condor Terra-X frameset

Disc Jockey


"My custom DayGlo 'cross bike project started life just needing a bike with disc brakes.

I'd been racing carbon cyclo-cross bikes for a few years. They had traditional rim brake setups. I wanted disc frames because far less mud builds up, there is additional stopping power, and it's easier to setup and replace the brake pads."

Paul Sheer's custom Terra-X cyclocross bike
Paul Sheers on a cyclocross training ride

The Mud Shelf


The mud shelf plagues some cyclo-cross riders. It is an area behind the bottom bracket where additional carbon is added to improve stiffness. The extra carbon acts as a little shelf, where mud flicks off the wheels and collects.

"I've had bikes with a mud shelves. Although they were ultra-light, by lap two or three I was riding around with nearly 600g of mud weighing the bike down.

I liked the Terra-X because it is built from scandium and there is no shelf. There are lots of nice big gaps around the tyres."


Paul's Boutique



The Stats 

Size: 58cm with custom paint
Shimano Ultegra Hydraulic levers
SRAM Force carbon chainset
Rotor single ring
Chain ring size: 38T
Cassette: 12-28

Bike weight: 8.0kg 

The Build

Unlike a standard chain ring, off-road single chain rings have teeth that are wider to help hold the chain in place. Paul added a chain catcher device for extra security when hopping over hurdles.

"I chose single ring because it is lighter. There is no risk of the front mech ripping off either.

I went for Sram cranks because I liked the look of them, at the time Shimano didn't have an option for single ring. The Rotor chainring has less nooks and crannies for grass to get wrapped around too."





Pro level, scandium racer — full build from £1,900 with SRAM Rival 1


Build your Terra-X bike

Build your next cyclo-cross bike

Muddy Sundays: 
Paul Sheers' guide to local league 'cross.


Cyclo-cross is one of the most accessible forms of cycle sport, with racing categories for boys, girls, men and women from under-12 to over 50. Mountain bikes and single speeds are always welcome.

1. Get to the race an hour in advance.

Give yourself time to enter, pin on your number, and attach a timing chip to your bike or helmet.
Take a plastic bag to put your mud-splattered kit into after the race, plus a spare for your cycling shoes.

Guide to cross racing

2. Make up two water bottles

— one to sip on before the event to stay hydrated, plus one for after. Eat something small up to 45 minutes before the race, such as a banana, cereal bar, or small piece of flapjack.

3. Do a practice lap.

As soon as you can, pre-ride the race course. Allow yourself 15 minutes to complete a lap. Make a note of the start straight and start grid area as it may not be on the main course.


4. Take a musette or drawstring bag to the start line.

Put you spare water bottle in it for after the race. Plus you can stuff your jacket, gilet or arm warmers in it prior to the start.

5. Don't fear the sand. It just takes practice.

Local cyclo-cross courses may make use of school long jump pits or disused golf bunkers for added technical fun.

Enter the sand with plenty of speed. Choose a moderately hard gear and keep pedalling to maintain momentum.

Keep your weight back to stop your front wheel digging in.

It is okay to let the bike squirm in the sand. Use your core to keep the bike straight rather than turning the bars.

How to ride in sand in cyclo-cross
Keep on the green
6. Green is grip, brown is slip.

When cornering, try to ride the wider line on the grass. It may seem like the long way round but you'll have more stability and grip to maintain speed.

Lift your bike from above
7. Lift from above

When carrying your bike over hurdles or obstacles, lift from above. This way you will use more of your shoulder muscles. Don't lift from under the top tube; your wrist is more flexible and you'll have less stability.

 Racing not your thing?

Ride our Surrey-Kent cyclo-cross loop


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