Adventure inspiration for 2021

"We travelled roads that none of us knew existed"

Now is the perfect time to plot and plan for 2021 — try your first bike-packing event, commit to racing your socks off, discover unusual rock formations, or enjoy crazy descents in far flung places.

We've teamed up with bike-packing luggage legends, Apidura, to bring you plenty of inspiration for your next adventure.





Races for every rider, from non-competitive to multi-day desert explorations.

Discover the handpicked events.

Tuscany Trail bikepacking event 

Three riders embrace the challenge of riding point-to-point to their family homes.
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Lessons in Bike-Packing.

Tips, tricks, and insights from world-renowned ultra-distance riders and racers.

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Bikepacking tips


Bike-Packing luggage guide

With so many accessories, bags, trips, and terrains out there, it is difficult to know what bag setup is right, or what trip to do first.

Apidura’s Head of Design, Verity Copland, talks through three set ups for three different ways to explore. 



1. Day-to-day

If you like to commute by bike, enhance your ride and ditch the energy-sapping backpack in favour of a saddlepack

“Put your personal items like building passes, phone, wallet in the waterproof Expeditation top tube pack.”

Commuter set up

2. All day ride from dawn till dusk

Add a Food Pouch to the day-to-day setup to keep snacks at hand. "The food pouch is my favourite item in the range, not everyone is immediately drawn to it but once people start using it they fall in love with it. It is super versatile, accessible with one hand and perfect for snacks, tool kits, backup batteries."

3. Five day bike-packing event or ride

Add an Expedition Handlebar Pack and Frame Pack. Stay under the canvas or bed down in a remote mountain hut for the night.

"The material we use in our Backcountry bag range, Dimension Polyant VX21, was developed for sailing. We use it because it’s really bombproof and can cope with pressure without stretching, plus it's salt and UV resistant.

“Pack your handlebar bag with light stuff, like your sleeping bag and mat, so it doesn’t affect the handling."

4. Multi-week race or trip

This setup uses the Saddle Pack, Frame Pack, and Handlebar Pack with additional extension accessory packs.

"We designed the Frame Pack for longer adventures. You can bury your heavy stuff in, like a stove. The centre of gravity is lower and the bike will handle better and be stable off-road. There are port holes in the pack, so you can run a water bladder to keep hydrated."

“Anything compressible should go in your saddlepack, clothes, flip-flops but stuff you don’t need too access until the end of the day.”

“Anti-slip Hypalon rubbery layer reduces frame sway and abrasion.”




Defined by their endurance-focused geometry and performance steel tubeset, our Bivio Gravel and Bivio Odyssey framesets are for long days discovering new roads, new trails, and new places.

Bivio Gravel

With clearance for 42mm tyres, bolt-thru axles, performance monocoque carbon disc fork, and smooth and responsive Columbus Spirit HSS steel, the only limits are what your legs can do.

Bivio Odyssey

Fast and lightweight. Constructed from our premium aluminium, the Bivio Odyssey is for scaling tough climbs and blasting through your favourite trails.

Condor Acciaio Frameset