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How to make your bike better this summer

Four ways to make your bike feel like a brand new whip

Summer, we can all agree, is the best time to ride a bike, and it's all the more fun when it feels like new — lighter and smoother than when you last took it to battle on the Tarmac.

Here's how to take your favourite bike and give it a summer make-over without performing any major surgery.

The Cockpit

Condor Performance Bar Tape

When it comes to your ride, your hands do a lot of the work, and refreshing the contact points is the simplest way to make your bike feel like a whole new machine. The important thing here is not to scrimp on tape. Don't reach for cork; try performance-focused tape with enhanced grip.

Condor Perforated Bar TapeCondor Perforated Handlebar Tape, £11.99

Lizard Skin 3.2mm tick

Lizard Skins 3.2mm Tacky Tape, £36.99

Lighten Your Load

Condor Ti Skewer Set

You can change the ride feel of your bike by reducing the weight you have to drag uphill. A set of lightweight skewers offer a mega weight saving, and can be installed faster than you can say titanium. Compared with a standard Mavic skewer set, the Ti/carbon offering from Condor sheds 110g grams fast, and has an aero-profiled lever.

Condor Ti Skewer Set

Condor Titanium Skewer Set, £31.99

Give it a cleanse

Degrease your bike

No, not a wash, but actually getting rid of that sticky chain lube, dirt and dust that has built around your drivetrain. This will reduce friction and help everything ride, spin and feel smooth. Set aside thirty minutes to do a decrease and we promise your bike will feel better, then apply a performance, low-friction chain lube.

Muc Off Chain Device

Muc-Off Chain Device, £29.99

Muc Off Drive Train Cleaner

Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner (pour into a small bucket, put your chain, cassette and rear derailleur in to soak before rinsing), £17.99

Muc Off Hydrodynamic Chain Lube

Muc-Off Hydrodynamic Low Friction Chain Lube, £16.00

Resistance is futile

Vittoria Corsa Tyres

Now that summer is here the best way to up your speed and ride quality is to upgrade the component that makes contact with the ground: your tyres.

All tyres have a TPI rating, which stands for threads per inch (of the tyre casing). Tyres with a low TPI will have thicker threads, which means greater rolling resistance, but makes the tyre more resistant to punctures. Meanwhile, tyres with a high TPI use finer threads for less rolling resistance, lower weight, and better grip when cornering.

Vittoria Corsa Tyre

Vittoria Corsa Graphene Tyre (320 TPI), £49.99

Hutchinson Tyre

Hutchinson Fusion 5 Tubeless Tyres, £29.99

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