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Magnetic Cyclo-Cross Bottle

Magnetic Cyclo-cross bottle

Race specific cyclo-cross bikes rarely have a bottle cage or even bottle cage bosses, the reason being that it's harder to get one's shoulder and arm through the frame to shoulder the bike. But then if you fit a bottle cage just for training taking it on and off becomes an extra task.

Condor designer Ben Spurrier came up with a novel idea based on something we discussed last night whilst cross training with one of the guys from USE lights.
To get to our training session we rode from London to Surrey (45 minutes), had a training session (90 minutes), and rode home (35 minutes). All that time spent riding without water is not a good idea, but carrying bottles in your pocket isn't that comfortable.

"My idea is that you buy the system and it comes with, say, 3 adhesive-backed magnetic strips and you simply stick the strip to your bottle. Maybe you can also buy the strips in packs of 3 separately. The magnetic block/holder is shaped to support the curves of the bottle and attaches to the downtube via a rubber band so you are not reliant on bottle bosses and before the start, you remove the whole system."


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