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Moka Pot

Pre-ride ritual can be obvious to some but then to others including me it is just something you do.

It only became apparent I had a ritual when I couldn't find the coffee basket for my Moka Pot. I paused to contemplate that without the coffee stage; my next step was just walking outside to the shed and go riding. I felt out of sorts. It dawned on me my ride actually begins ten minutes before sitting on the saddle. When I stand in my socks and Lycra watching the coffee bubble into the collecting chamber.

It was quite a eureka moment. Those few minutes when I mindlessly watch it brew is when I mentally prepare for my day on the bike, it is probably best described as daydreaming. I realised I set goals for my ride, rehearsed the route, decided what I want to achieve. I used it to check I have everything I need, gels, pump, tube, bit of cash, the right clothing.

With my routine torn apart, now what. I stood there biting my fingernail for a bit until I spied a shiny funnel hiding underneath a bowl on the draining board. My ride was saved.

I learnt I have a ritual, the detail is minute, personal and important.

More importantly I learnt I need to buy another Moka Pot, just in case.

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