Chapeau Soulor Thermal Bibtights

Not Enough Available

As winter takes hold it's more important than ever to find that absolute essential in the wardrobe, so as the days get shorter it’s time for shorts to get longer.

These simple, flattering and reliable tights will help you take on the toughest season without restriction.

Visibility is taken care of with simple reflective tags on the rear of the legs and a reflective badge.

The Soulor thermal bibtight uses the female specific Dolomiti Maloja pad. This innovative pad allows a thicker pad with differing densities without creating steps in the pad composition which can cause issue when sweating. It is highly breathable, elastic and tear resistant and doesn't use glue in its composition instead the foams are laminated with flame heating.

  • Reflective
  • Slim fitting
  • UV protection
  • Specific Dolomiti Maloja pad