Campagnolo Classic Polo Shirt

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The Campagnolo Classic Polo is, just like all Campagnolo products, a fine example of skilled craftsmanship, top-level materials and long-lasting construction matched to elegant and sophisticated design. While this beautiful polo might not carry you to victory in the same way Campagnolo components do, it willgo a long way towards making you look like you belong on the highest step of the race podium.

From the stylish and slim cyclist cut to the classic Campagnolo shield in aged wool embroidery on the chest to the story of the invention of the very first quick release inside the collar, every detail of this polo has been meticulously studied and developed to represent pure Campagnolo cycling.

A sophisticated polo to show the world your appreciation of the finer things in cycling is the best addition to any rider's closet.

  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
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