Brompton Hub Gear Cable and Outer for Pre-2017 Shifter

Not Enough Available

Genuine Brompton cable set (inner and outer) for the pre-2017 shifter.

  • Part codes: Part numbers: QGCAB3A-M[3] (M TYPE (PRE 2017 LWB)), QGCAB3A-P (P TYPE (PRE 2017)), QGCAB3A-S (S TYPE (PRE 2017)), QGCAB3A-M[1] (M TYPE (SWB STURMEY)), QGCAB3A-M[2] (M TYPE (SWB SRAM)), QGCAB5A-M[1] (M TYPE (STURMEY 5-SPD SWB)), QGCAB3A-H (H TYPE (PRE 2017))
  • Part numbers: 9011001 (M TYPE (PRE 2017 LWB)), 9011018 (P TYPE (PRE 2017)), 9011025 (S TYPE (PRE 2017)), 9011032 (M TYPE (SWB STURMEY)), 9011049 (M TYPE (SWB SRAM)), 9011056 (M TYPE (STURMEY 5-SPD SWB)), 9012299 (H TYPE (PRE 2017))