Continental Hometrainer Clincher Tyre

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Indoor specific folding tyre tyre for turbo trainers and rollers, now in black and with a more supple 180 tpi casing for an even longer lifespan. Thanks to its special cold-running compound, the Hometrainer doesn't experience the heat build up of a road tyre, nor does it suffer the tread seperation that the road tyre is prone to under the special loads occuring when cycling and braking on the rollers revolving drums. Noise levels produced by the tyre rolling on the drum of a turbo trainer are also reduced when using this tyre in comparison to a road tyre.

  • Harder compound for increased service life
  • Far quieter than standard tyres to keep the neighbours happy
  • Running compound eliminates risk of tread seperation
  • The Hometrainer has been designed explicitly for rollers and is not suitable for on-road use
  • 23mm Folding Tyre