Ortlieb Ultimate Six Free

Not Enough Available

The Ultimate Six Free is a handlebar bag with plenty of space and no PVC. The transparent flap compartment, which offers 22 x 10 cm of stowage space, is an ideal location for your smartphone, GPS device or map. You can easily operate your mobile devices at any time through the transparent, waterproof cover, giving you a crucial advantage when it comes to uninterrupted navigation.

The waterproof tarpaulin material made of polyurethane-coated polyester fabric keeps your important, quick-access items protected and dry no matter what the weather. The locking flap has a magnetic snap that can be conveniently operated with one hand. Thanks to the detachable shoulder belt, you can transform the handlebar bag into a shoulder bag once you reach your destination. The right handlebar mount will allow you to conveniently attach your Ultimate Six Free to your bike or e-bike handlebars.

  • +4 different handlebar mounting sets available
  • +flat adapter plate
  • +form-stable bag body
  • +zippered inside pocket with carabiner
  • +ventilation slits in the flap prevent device overheating
  • +reflector made of 3M Scotchlite reflective material
  • +maximum payload: 5 kg