Swrve Cordura Slim Fit Jeans

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What’s the difference between cycling jeans and regular denim trousers? A diamond-shaped gusset; the theory is, standard seams generate pressure in places you really don’t want it. They are reinforced around the butt, with reflective features and anti snag material in the cuff.

Made in America, Swrve's fabric is hard-working and last longer. The fabric is hard-working and lasts longer. It has the look and feel of 100% cotton denim but with added abrasion resistance and strength and there is no compromise on comfort or style.

  • Low waist in front to prevent your belt from digging into you
  • Higher waist in back to stay respectable and to keep you warm
  • Seamless gusseted crotch for comfort
  • Back pockets fit a mini U-lock
  • Pocket for accessories
  • Reflective strip on inside of both leg seams which are exposed when you roll up your cuff
  • High quality YKK metal zipper
  • Rivets to make them more durable