Tannus Aither 1.1 Mini Velo Airless Tyre for Brompton

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Compatible with Brompton folding bikes, this 16" x 1.25" tyre is perfect for commuting. Not only will you never get a flat on your way to work, with the equivalent of 80 PSI hardness you'll also get excellent handling and a cushioned ride through the city streets.

The Mini Velo offers low rolling resistance, superb grip in all riding conditions and like all solid Tannus Tyres it’s completely puncture-proof and extremely durable.

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  • 16 inch tyre suitable for Brompton and childrens bikes
  • Solid tyre, completely puncture proof
  • Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin
Fitting information
  • Tannus uses plastic pegs which pass through the tyre and clip it into the beads on the wheel's rim
  • Fitting the tyres is slow but not particularly difficult. It’s a lot easier with two pairs of hands
  • Once on the rim, a special tool is used to clip the pegs into place in the bead