Shimano Ultegra SL-RS700 Flat Bar Gear Shifters (Pair)

Not Enough Available

The RS700 Rapidfire Shifters are precise mountain bike style levers for road bikes fitted with flat handlebars and 11-speed drivetrains.

Instant Release for super fast shifts, delivering the chain to the next gear the moment the lever is actuated with no hesitation.

Multi Release allows multiple gear changes from both levers with one sweep, further adding to the speed of shift.

  • Must only be used with FD-5800 and FD-6800 double front derailleurs
  • 2-Way release allows the upper shift lever to performs the same Multi Shift function but swings in either direction allowing it to be released by the thumb or index finger
  • High tech polished and grey finish
  • Low-friction design means that shifters have a light and responsive short-stroke action that reduces shifting effort
  • Easy to read optical gear display
  • Barrel adjuster for fine gear tuning
  • Complete with inner and SP41 outer cables
  • Average weight 210 grams per pair