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Sidi shoes have been coveted by professional and amateur cyclists for decades, and their reputation is no accident. The story begins in 1960, when an Italian shoemaker named Dino Signori began building boots for mountaineering and skiing. It was only a matter of time before Dino, who had been a successful junior bike racer, experimented with cycling footwear. 

By the 1970s Sidi shoes and motorcycle boots were the choice of professional riders on two wheels. Sidi were one of the first to produce a mountain bike shoe, their ATB offering arriving in 1985 and in 1989 Sidi wowed the world with a shoe that featured the first ratchet closure.

The Sidi Dominator mountain bike shoe has become a modern classic and used as much by commuters as off-road riders. The performance road focus Ergo 4 Carbon is popular with Chris Froome.

Sidi ensure the fit of all riders is catered for, with their Mega-Fit option for those needing more volume in their shoe. Mega-Fit shoes have an addition 4mm of extra width across the ball of the foot and the heel cup is wider. If you find a Sidi shoe slightly tight around the front or under the foot arch, then the same size in the Mega-Fit version will be the solution for perfect fit. 

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Sidi Shoes

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