Pirellli PZero Velo 4S Clincher Tyres

Not Enough Available

Pirelli offer three tyres in their new range. Each tyre features a colour on its sidewall, just like their car range, to distinguish between tyres for different conditions.

PZero Velo 4S is Pirelli's four season choice, and it’s one that has been built to cope with colder climates and less than ideal conditions. Its deeper, more substantial tread pattern builds on what was available on the regular PZero Velo. Likewise, it's also sold in the same three width options.

Smartnet SilicaThe headline tech for these tyres remains in the Smartnet Silica compound that’s found throughout the tread on the entire range. Its 100% silica make-up claims to solve the age-old trade off between rolling resistance and wet weather grip. This directional positioning makes for a tyre with decreased rolling resistance and heat generation.

  • Made in France
  • Increased puncture protection
  • Blue label, for mixed weather and cooler seasons
  • Weight: 205g
  • Folding