Mission Workshop

Tucked away down an alley in San Francisco’s Mission neighbourhood lives the headquarters of Mission Workshop — purveyors of messenger bags, backpacks, and technical apparel, all of which are handmade  in the USA and guaranteed for life. Mission Workshop launched their first pack, the SUV-sized Vandal backpack, in 2009. Its little brother, the Rambler, soon followed, and everyone from from DJs hauling records to bike commuters rejoiced. You'll find all sorts in the range now, including bike-specific jeans, special edition waxed fabrics, and technical tees.

Their handmade, lifetime warranty, high quality ethos is something we have always admired. Mission Workshop bags use waterproof fabric and military spec construction.

Quick guide to Mission Workshop bags

If you want big volume bag go for the Vandal or the Rambler backpack.

Like a messenger style over the shoulder strap try the Monty or the Rummy .

Want something compact try the Fraction backpack .

Mission Workshop Rummy Messenger Bag
Mission Workshop Rummy VX Messenger Bag
Vx51 slate
Vx51 black
Out of Stock
Mission Workshop Rummy Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag
Waxed canvas brown
Waxed canvas black
Mission Workshop Rummy Advanced Messenger Bag
Ht grey
Ht black
Ht olive

Mission Workshop

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