Abus Granit-X Plus 540 with USH Bracket

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Tough protection and a simple setup, the Granit X Plus 540 D-Lock with USH Bracket from Abus - to best suit your locking needs and bike size.

The shackle is constructed using 13mm hardened steel and the same material is used for the housing and critical components of the locking mechanism to create a solid deterrent for have-a-go thieves. Furthermore, the Abus XPlus cylinder is resistant to attempts at picking the lock or tampering so that both brute force and more subtle tactics are protected against, and it has been approved for Gold Sold Secure standard - boasting ultimate protection.

There's an automatic cover to guard against penetration by dirt and grime via the keyhole and the universal bracket can be mounted to round frames with a diameter of 15-35mm.

  • 13mm hardened square shaft parabolic shackle
  • ABUS power cell technology offers the highest level of protection against impacts and attempts to break open the lock
  • The shackle, housing and the structural parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel
  • ABUS XPlus cylinder for the highest level of protection against tampering, e.g. picking
  • Automatic keyhole cover to protect against dirt and corrosion
  • USH 540 - universal bracket which can be easily attached to round frames with a diameter of 15 - 35 mm
  • Width: 108mm
  • Weight: 1650 grams (230mm)
  • Locking type: Key