Italian brand Kask, have proudly sat aloft the heads of Team Sky riders at all their Tour de France victories. Kask have a wide range of performance helmets for road riders and everday use. Their race range include the lightweight Mojito helmet and aerodynamic Protone road helmet, whilst the coveted Bambino time trial helmet has been worn by Olympic cyclists on the track. Kask are proudly worn by riders at JLT Condor because the all Italian made headwear is both comfortable and performance focused. 

New for 2017, Kask launched Koo sunglasses, made in Italy the shades are designed to slot perfectly into Kask helmets. The frames have a unique flip-in arm design, which sees the arm rotate at the hinge point and turn in on itself for storage. The rotation is stepped so that you can adjust the angle of the lens whilst wearing to help clear fogging.

Koo Demos Cycling Sunglasses
Black/blue sky lens
Black/green mirror lens
Black/rose lens
Blue/blue lens
Glass/red mirror lens
White/brown lens
White/turquoise lens
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Koo Demos Low Light Lens
Rose low light lens
Koo Sprectro Glasses
Black/red mirror lens
Black/super bronze lens
Black/turquoise lens
White/green mirror lens
White/super silver lens
Koo Spectro Low Light Lens
Rose low light lens
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Kask Billy Sunglasses Bike Mount
Koo Optical Clip