Kask Koo Open Glasses

Not Enough Available

The first KOO collection is designed specifically to work seamlessly with KASK cycling helmets.

Kask KOO open glasses also feature easily-removable, interchangeable lenses for year-round optimum vision when cycling. The design also includes an 'Airflow Active System' which means the lenses can be tilted at three different angles to adjust the position of the glasses on your face. Flexible temples should also improve the fitting without interfering with comfort.

A soft rubber nose-pad with two adjustable positions for a customised fit, an extra nose bridge will also come as standard in the packaging

The sunglasses are constructed of polycarbonate with each component 100% made in Italy. Attention to detail has been paramount with lenses manufactured by the renowned lens maker Zeiss.

The lenses can be removed and interchanged by simply rotating the two small tabs on either side of the frame.

Kask Koo Open Glasses include two sets of lenses. One darker lenses to match glasses frame and the other an extra clear.

  • Carl Zeiss Lens
  • Frames have a unique flip-in arm design
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • One clear lens supplied
  • Photochromic available as an extra lens
  • Made in Italy
  • Easily-removable interchangeable lenses
  • Adjustable folding nose piece
  • Innovative folding pivot