Kask Bamino Pro Helmet JLT Edition

Not Enough Available

Everyone has seen Bambino Pro on the heads of the Team Sky riders. Several ventilation holes - and a 5 mm thick padding material that dissipates moisture very fast - keep you cool and comfortable, even during TT race , triathlon and track cycling performance. With its innovative shape and an easily removable magnetic visor, Bambino Pro looks as great as it performs.

The high performing shell is incredibly aerodynamic in all head positions. Ventilation is ensured by the presence of six micro air intakes on the front and four exhaust vents in the rear, connected via an internal air duct system. The visor is integrated with the helmet using a magnetic system. The visor can easily be removed and replaced while riding. It is available to accessorise with team kits in three colourways: silver, mirror, clear.

  • Ideal for time trials and triathlons
  • Unisex fit
  • The magnetic visor is patented by Kask and is integrated into the helmet thanks to a five magnet system
  • Weight: 350 grams (medium)
  • Supplied with a clear visor