Clif Shot Bloks

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CLIF SHOT Bloks are the latest nutrition option for endurance athletes. Bloks come in chewable, 33 calorie cubes, making it easy to customise and track caloric and electrolyte intake during long outings and races.

Please note that some flavours are past their best before dates:

Ginger Ale - best before 21 February 2021

Mountain Berry - best before 14 March 2021

Best before dates are an indication of quality rather than safety. It is the use by date that indicates when a product should not be eaten because it is unsafe. Shot Bloks eaten past the best before date are safe to eat.

  • Sleek and portable fastpak
  • Replaces carbs and electrolytes during activity
  • Simple to handle
  • Great for riders that don't like gels but are still looking for that quick energy hit