Panaracer Gravelking SK Colour Edition TLC Folding Tyre

Not Enough Available

Add some colour to your ride with the new Nile Blue & Military Green GravelKing limited edition lineup.

This tyre comes has four widths to suit any rider's taste. Natural rubber compound, puncture protection breaker and a special low rolling resistance casing make the GravelKing a go-anywhere tyre.

This colour edition range of GravelKings is available for a limited time only.

ZSG Natural Compound - This compound has the same low rolling resistance as the premium compound. Its enhanced wear resistance makes it perfect for a long lasting training tyre with an excellent ride.

AX technology uses extremely narrow cord which is weaved at a super high density into the casing for lightness and flexibility. This increased density improves resistance to cuts and abrasions.

Anti-puncture reinforcement throughout the tire strengthens resistance to cuts and pinch flats.

  • Tubeless compatible up to 60 PSI
  • Suited for gravel and off road riding
  • Natural rubber construction
  • Integrated puncture protection
  • Aramid beading for durability
  • Low rolling resistance casing