Assos RS Aero SF Gloves

Not Enough Available

Superlight short-finger gloves, perfect for warm conditions where maximum breathability is a must.

Articulation and comfortable protection take center stage, made possible with five different textiles, 10 panels, and three components. In other words, there’s nothing standard about the RS Aero SF Gloves.

The streamlined no wrinkle silhouette has been cut to form a curved 3D shape, mimicking the intricate anatomical structure of the human hand as it grips the bars.

  • An ultralight woven textile with mesh-like structure that promotes breathability
  • Constructed with thin yarns to keep the backs of the hands cool and dry
  • A durable, lightweight material that promotes grip, while also supporting and protecting the hand
  • Strategically positioned triangulated pads flex with hand to eliminate hot spots and bunching
  • No wrinkle construction creates a 3D curved structure, made possible using five separate textiles and 10 panels