Condor Supremacy Aluminium Track Pump

Not Enough Available

Bikes are at their best when tyres are running at their ideal pressure, which will help them roll smoothly and keep punctures to a minimum.

The Condor track pump with machined alloy body and varnished wooden handle will slip seamlessly into the background of your home, rather than make it look like a grubby workshop. Equipped with a wide stable base, 60cm shaft and gauage that is clear to read, the Condor track pump makes hitting the right pressure, quick, easy and reliable.

The pump head features red anodised detailing with locking lever to hold it in place on the valve. There is an adjustment button on the head to fine tune the tyre pressure.

  • Dunlop valve adapter
  • Highly polished aluminium
  • 200psi / 14 bar gauge
  • Alloy head with locking lever
  • Presta and Schrader compatible
  • Three arm base
  • Wooden handle