Continental Terra Speed Protection Tyres

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Continental's Terra Speed is their answer to the needs of gravel riders and racers who want a fast, robust tyre that performs well across a range of surfaces. With an emphasis on speed rather than all-out grip, the Terra Speed is a great choice for riders who value speed above all else.

With the gravel riding craze showing no signs of abating, the Terra Speed was designed with adventures of the beaten path in mind. The low-profile tread design rolls well on the road or hard-pack surfaces, while still offering decent purchase on looser terrain. This helps it corner, climb and brake with confidence. Further boosting grip and reducing rolling resistance is Continental's signature BlackChili rubber compound. Using special synthetic rubbers combined with proven natural rubbers, BlackChili offers excellent grip, low-rolling resistant and is also extremely durable, last much longer than traditional rubber compounds.

The Protection layer further improves durability by reducing punctures and pinch flats, while the Revolution Tubeless Ready bead makes tubeless conversion a breeze. If you are looking for a fast, versatile tyre for your gravel bike, the Continental Terra Speed is a great choice.

  • Low-profile tread design rolls well on hard surfaces and grips in looser terrain
  • BlackChili rubber compound rolls quickly and grips tenaciously while lasting longer
  • Protection layer improves puncture resistance
  • Revolution Tubeless Ready bead makes tubeless setup a breeze
  • Handmade in Germany