Condor 70th Anniversary Women's Monty's Van T-Shirt

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Monty Young was most at home building wheels and offering neutral service to riders at events. Now at nearly 90 years of age, he still owns has his robust wheel building jig that he took to local races in the 1950s. From cycle events at Paddington track to international events on the continent, Monty was always there to help a rider in need. His first neutral service vehicle was the iconic Morris J-Type van, and as part of Condor's 70th Anniversary, we've reimagined his van in an illustration to celebrate the early years of Condor.

Read the story of Monty's van here.

  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Crew neck
  • Available in womens
  • Condor 70th Anniversary logo on rear back corner
  • Motif on front and rear corner