Condor Aero Socks

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In need of speed?

Condor Aero Socks feature a long cuff constructed from lightweight lycra, with vertical ribs that improve airflow around the legs and save up to 10 watts.

Designed to help you beat the wind without breaking the bank.The humble aero sock has become the favourite of everyone in the pro peloton from climbers to trackies to sprinters. The lower part of the foot is constructed from soft, highly wicking Meryl® Skinlife fibers that help your feet feel fresh and comfortable.

The upper part of the sock is made from lightweight lycra, which has silicone top edging to keep the cuff in place. The silicone is designed to grip to skin and the cuff has a tight fit to keep shape. Grip and shape will be reduced if you use oils or warm up creams on your skin, or hairy legs.

  • Made in Italy
  • Silicone gripper at top of socks to hold in place
  • Meryl® Skinlife fibers fibres
  • Arch support
  • 7 inch cuff
  • Reinforced toe and heel box